Welcome to Maakasi Oy

Maakasi Oy is located in Oulu, Northern Finland. We began our business activities with earthmoving in the 1950’s and expanded into engineering work in 1976.
Maakasi Oy designs and manufactures high quality work tools for earthmoving machiner and different types of steel constructions. We have built big rock buckets for over 35 years, especially for mines.
We develop buckets and a range of other equipment in close cooperation with contractors. In doing so, Maakasi Oy is able to draw on consirable experience. We have made many technical advances and continue to work towards new developments in the industry.
We use only the best possible abrasion resistant wear steel. We sell wear steel parts and also repair the buckets as good as new.
Our partners include machine dealers, contractors, mining and construction companies and industrial plants in Finland and Sweden.
Maakasi Oy’s earthmoving department carries out loading and hauling in underground mines and tunnels.




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